Standard Prices for Express Services

Instead of waiting to compare multiple quotes from pros, RecomN Express will automatically pick the most suitable pro based on your requirements, and get them to contact you right away (Klang Valley only for now).

RecomN Express is free for customers to request. And to avoid any surprises in the cost, our pros have provided standard prices for the tasks below:

Aircon ServicingCarpet CleaningMattress and Sofa CleaningMakeup/HairPest ControlMassage Therapist


Normal Cleaning (RM per unit)Chemical Cleaning (RM per unit)
1 unit80150
2 – 3 units60120
4 or more units60100
Gas refill50free


Up to 2.0 HP
Normal cleaningNot available
Chemical cleaningRM250
Top-Up (R22 Gas)Add RM20
Top-Up (R410 Gas)Add RM50
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Our pros will conduct an inspection to determine the best method of cleaning. Let us know if you have more than 1 carpet and we will work out the best rates on-site.


1 pc carpet = RM150
2 pc carpet = RM180
3 pc carpet = RM250
Wall-to-wall carpet = RM0.70 per square foot (minimum 200 sqft)

Stain/spot removal will be charged extra upon inspection

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Mattress Cleaning Rates:

Single mattress = RM100
Queen-size = RM130
King-size = RM150

Tough stain/spot removal may be charged extra upon inspection

Sofa Cleaning Rates

Fabric / Leather = RM50 per seat (minimum 3-seater) = RM150

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Formal event (e.g. Dinner & Dance) = RM180
Wedding ROM = RM280

Note: Early surcharge of RM80 will be added for sessions that start before 7am

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Pest Control (One Pest) = RM120
Pest Control (Additional Pest) = RM50
Termite Control (Baiting System) = RM1200
Termite Control (Drilling System) = RM1500

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Home-based Massage Therapist Rates:

1 hour = RM150
2 hours = RM250

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