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3DI SDN BHD is a contractor for house renovation that is highly recommended by the TTDI community. The company is registered both with CIDB and MOF has ventured in architectural and interior design work as design consultant and project management team.

"Detailed quotation provided on material, dimension, sizes and color. Provides good sense of interior for the modern living Good after sales service Fair price for the high quality of work Professional service. " —surianie mohdt

"3DI did a renovation on my balcony and backyard - replaced the balcony railing with a 6-panel glass wall with doors; tiled the yard turning it into a porch; and put up a tiled roof over the porch. One word to describe the workmanship: EXCELLENT. (So much so that the neighbours asked for 3DI's number.) If you are serious about quality, 3DI is the one for you. " —Mohd Idham Yasser Suleiman

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3DI Renovation Contractor

Unit 23-3A, Oval Tower Damansara, No 685, Jalan Damansara, 60000 Kuala Lumpur.


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