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Home based kitty boarding, handled by an experienced kitty caregiver. While you are away, your kitty needs a holiday too.
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"Both Anita and Azman are passionate about cats.Their cat suite are amazingly comfy, clean fully equipped with air filter, drink fountain and they provide a daily video or photo of your babies. " —Intan Yuzriana

"Affection 4Cats is terlalu awesome! The cat suites are a comfortable size, with shelves and windows where the kitties can look out and see what's going on -with birds, neighbours, etc. They also let your cats roam the house for exercise, definitely something you will not get at a regular pet boarding where the animals are usually kept in cages for the whole duration. You will also get regular updates and pictures on how your feline friends are getting on, not to mention Affection will also give them plenty of human, well, affection! Hence the name! Anita and Azman obviously love what they do because they do what they love. I would definitely utilise their services again, no question about that! Thanks guys!" —mastura

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Affection 4 Cats Pet Boarding

Taman Paramount, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia


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