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    Apronbay is a beauty boutique with an Air Travel concept specialising in brow design and waxing.

    The name, Apronbay, is coined from an aviation term describing a reserved area on an airport runway to embark or disembark passengers, refuel and to be spruced up for the next journey.

    And like its namesake, our shop Apronbay is a beauty stop where one can expect to receive the best in service and pampering beauty treatments...all in first class!

    So plan a trip with us to your favourite beauty destination! Our boarding gates are opening soon.


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      As the director in charge of Apronbay, Ashley is trained in brow design as well as waxing, her specialty being Brazilian/Boyzilian or Manzilian waxing. She travelled extensively around Southeast Asia and Australia acquiring her skills.

      As waxing specialists, Apronbay offers its clients four types of hot wax (non-strip wax) and two types of strip waxes, which enables it to cater to clients with different skin and hair types. It is believed to be the most extensive range of waxes offered by a waxing destination. All the waxes are products of France and are its high quality tailors to the individual needs of every customer. So whether your skin is chappy or sensitive, Apronbay is confident they can find a service that best suits you.







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    Lyndsey Yap reviewed

    The best beauty destination for waxing, eyebrow threading, pedicure, manicure. The shop has an interesting Air Travel concept layout, each rooms are decorated in different layout, eg: in New York, the Prairies, etc...Lovely and comfortable ambiance, with private rooms, polite friendly staff and most importantly very Hygienic. Ever since i started using their service, i have not look further to try others. Have been a loyal customer for past few years :)

    reviewed on 25 Jun 2014
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