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    In the practice of Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese theory of design and placement, AHS Fixtures has combined the soothing effects of water, representing life and good fortune, with the beautifully sculpted craftsmanship of pro-artisans.

    The canvas of AHS Fixtures the visual and auditory beauty of rippling water, we introduces to the home, work place or public plaza, the tranquil properties of flowing water and inspiration of artistic creation.

    Using a palette of natural and manmade materials as copper, brass, stainless steel, granite, Signature stone, faux panel, acrylic and glass, each uniquely crafed our artist creation captures the spirit and imagination of any inteded environment, complementing it with artistic perspectives in custom design and the life perpetuation qualities of water. AHS Fixtures design pieces offer a wide variety of distinctive aesthetics to enhance any interior living environment. Customized pieces can be specially creatied to accommodate a specific design of architectural design and the life perpetuation qualities of water.


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    • Main Services

    • Modern Frameless Paintings

      We have the unique selection of Modern Photo Art. Our wall hangings are ideal for homes, offices, restaurants, hotels or showroom. The high-quality art photos are printed on vinyl which empowers long-standing colors and makes the entire photo set washable.

      AHS Fixtures art collection is based on the idea of photo sets - we either divide one art picture into few panels or reversely select unique motives to become a matching photo art set. Each set contains 2, 3, 4 or 5 photos of same size (e.g. 3 panels of 600mm x 600mm).

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    • Home Decorative Wall Sticker

      AHS Fixtures Decal Art DIY Home Decor mural paper Vinyl Removable Waterproof Non-toxic, environmental protection Brand new, Fashion Design and High Quality.

      Quick and easy to apply. Can be applied on all smooth surfaces.
      High quality, waterproof durable vinyl, which can last for years without peeling or fading
      Without much effort and cost you can decorate and style your home.
      Just Peel and Stick, there wall decals to most any smooth surface!
      Applying decals on a bumpy surface will be a bit more difficult.
      No paint, No tools, No sticky paste necessary. Just Peel and Stick.

      Truer sentiments have rarely been spoken-this decorative wall sticker would be a great daily reminder in have in your home or business.

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    • Frames & Posters

      We hold HUGE stocks of Picture Frames, Snap Frames, Crystal Clear Acrylic Poster Frame, Glass Frames, Poster Frames, Certificate Frames, Ultra-Slim Super Bright LED Illuminated Snap Poster Frames and Photo Frames, Desktop LED Illuminated Photo Frames For Home & Office.

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    • Designer Wall Clocks

      Wall clocks to delight and impress. A large collection of wall clocks can be found in this section! We have many different styles and sizes of wall clocks to choose from - from ultra modern Contemporary wall clocks, Retro designs, large wall clocks and more traditional designs too! Their should be a wall clock here for every decor!

      Why so many wall clocks? Well we know it’s hard to find just the right one and our extensive range makes it easy for you to find what you want. They also come a variety of colors and sizes ideal for all ages and tastes!

      The clocks are made of a variety of materials including acrylic, glass, stainless steel, metal, wooden, glass, mirrored, synthetic and enamel. If you are looking for something really special, we also have a range of hand-crafted clocks that are made to order for each individual customer.

      We use a variety of leading suppliers such as Quartz as one of the leading suppliers of clocks our expertise in this area is unparalleled.







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