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    Au Courant Associates, established as parnership in April 03. Kian Wong, the founder and driver behind the business, With a friendÕs help, he clinched his first contract worth a full $130,000/- and the rest became history.

    Kian and AC Associates grew up together over the last 5years. They went through the trials and tribulations of business and tasted both success and disappointment. However uneven the road, his determination did not wear off. In fact, he became more resilient and catalyzed more new ideas. AC Associates, always at the forefront of interior design, has withstood the test of time. Many of his customers came back for his services when they shifted to a new place, and become KianÕs steadfast friends.


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    • Main Services

      We offer the following services:
      1. M&E Works
      2. Plaster Ceiling
      3. Event Planning
      4. Grille & Awning
      5. Graphic Design
      6. Kitchen Cabinet
      7. Exibition Design
      8. Curtain & Carpet
      9. Carpentry Furniture
      10. Laminated Flooring
      11. Marble & Floor Tiles
      12. Construct Extension
      13. Wallpaper & Painting
      14. Clay Tiles & Sculpture
      15. Landscape & Fishpond
      16. Aircond & Wiring work
      17. Plumbing & Water Filter







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