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    Austscreen was established in 1995 as a specialist in the design and manufacture of shower screens. Since then, the brand Austscreen has become recognised for producing shower screens of quality, functionality and aesthetics that enhance any bathroom design..

    Value for Money

    In 2006, Ozscreen (M) Sdn Bhd acquired 'Austscreen' with an intention to improve the existing range and produce new ranges of shower screens and accessories through ongoing research, product improvement and development. With complete control from product design to finished item, we achieve cost savings that can be passed on to our customers. At the same time, quality is ensured as we deal directly with all our suppliers.

    Where the Extras Make the Difference

    With the above objective, we are pleased to announce the newly launched "SwingLine' range which incorporates design-registered parts and patented mechanisms that distinguish our product.

    To Deliver Our Brand of Design, Quality & Innovation

    While continuing to deliver product and service excellence to our local client base of developers, interior designers and contractors, our future is one of expansion as we embark on a plan to export our brand of design, quality and innovation throughout the region.


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    • Main Services

      Our products include the following:
      1. Bumb-Free
      2. Swing-Line
      3. Slim-Line
      4. Klassique & Contuora

    • Bumb-Free

      - Unique 'Bumb-Free' Pulley System
      A patented 'Bumb-Free' sliding system which ensures smooth silent operation and prevents the clunking of
      the panel when opening and closing.

      - 'Anti-Jump' Head Track
      Anti-jump hanging track design with special locking system ensures all sliding doors stay on track. Diagonal slots on top rail allow adjustment of door panel for perfect alignment and trouble free sliding.

      - Full length Grip Handle
      Integrated inner and outer full-length grip handle are featured on all leading door panel offering easy access for all members of the family.

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    • Swing Line

      Our SwingLine range of products is designed with maintenance-free in mind while upholding the Austscreen brand value of design and functionality.

    • Klassique & Contuora







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