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Azwa (or known as Wawa) will bake customised fondant cakes and cupcakes for your special occasion
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"The cupcakes were made according to the design I wanted -- up to the intricate "double happiness" wordings and the little beads on the bride's head. Not only that, the cake itself was moist and delicious, and the buttercream and fondant was at just the right amount of sweetness. For the amount of effort that went into it, I would say that it was well worth the price paid! " —michiee

"Overall experience is ok. What's good about Wawa is she is very responsive and accommodating to customer. It was easy to reach here on whatsapp. However, on the final product, ie the cupcakes, it was below expectation, the colour of it turned out too bright and design was not very pretty. But I would still try her service again, may need to be more specific with what you want. " —Chin Ai Teo

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Azwa Khairi Cupcakes

VI Clover Motorsports, No 9,Jalan USJ 7/3D Malaysia


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