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Chu Seng Auto Repairs is an auto maintenance and servicing company
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"He specializes in bmw cars. very knowledgeable, resourceful (able to find parts for old models), a genuine love for bmw cars, excellent service and at reasonable price, even offered to collect and return the car himself. Think of all the times we hesitate to send our cars in for servicing coz the mechanic might start suggesting to replace this or that and you are not sure to go ahead or not coz the some are just cut-throat and trying to make more money off you. well, not for this guy. I would send all my cars to him except I dont own my old bmw anymore." —Lye Yoong Tan

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Chu Seng Auto Repairs

Lot 2054 Jalan P.Ramlee (next to no. 78), 10460 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

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