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    By gary lim in Interior Designer at KL / Selangor

    Interior design is an extension and a reflection of ourselves and what we represent. The constant reshaping of our built environment is an indicator of our development and progress.

    We at Design Spirits are masters at shaping and reshaping your built environment. Together with our predecessor Modular Sdn. Bhd., we have over 20 years of shaping spaces in Malaysia. We have become one of the top interior design firms in the Klang Valley and we achieved this by constantly making an impact with our designs as we continue to set trends in Malaysia. Our contribution to the interior design industry and Malaysia's built environment has been tremendous, and we aim to continue to prove ourselves for many years to come.

    The cornerstone of our success has always been our synergistic collaborations that has brought upon success and excellence; not only for ourselves, but for our clients and partners. We believe in treating our clients as collaborators and to give them good value and service. Our philosophy is that each design must be original and that it grows organically from the collaboration between us and the client.

    By responding to our clients' specific needs and marrying that with our artistic expression, we constantly leave our mark of excellence in every design we are involved in. Each project is shepherded at every stage, from conception to construction, ensuring that no detail, however small is ever overlooked. Our reliability is second to none and this stability has made us grow in leaps and bounds.


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    • Main Services

      Design Spirits offers a comprehensive and integrated range of interior design services.

      From inception to execution, we truly believe that the betterment of the built environment can only come from understanding each project as an individual entity; each with its own potential and possibilities. That is why our customised solutions, coupled with our systematic and comprehensive design services are the foundations in creating new, exciting and original design ideas.

      1) Space planning
      2) Interior design
      3) Architecture
      4) Project management
      5) Turnkey solution
      6) Furniture design

    • Residential - Banting

      Bungalow, 3500 sqf

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    • Residential - Country Height Kajang

      Bungalow, 14800 sqf

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    • Residential - Gohtong Jaya

      Apartment, 1000 sqf

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    • Residential - Saujana Subang

      Bungalow, 14000 sqf

    • Commercial - Sunsuria Head Office

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