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DEZENO INTERIOR offers a full solution to your interior design needs whatever the project and to whatever degree of involvement is requested. Our style is predominantly ‘Contemporary’. Our designers work on projects of every size and on every aspect of the design from initial architectural conception to the last finishing details of the completed project.

"Would highly recommend this team for whoever looking for interior design and renovation work. Dealing with Vincent, always very prompt response and provide good suggestions. The kitchen cabinet and wardrobe workmanship are very fine. Overall they are providing services that exceed my expectation compare to my previous encountered contractor." —tanesssy

"Swift reply upon enquiry, good workmanship displayed from an experienced team.. Highly recommended service!" —Tan8507

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DEzeno Interior

Level 6-1, Wisma Miramas, Jalan 2/109E, Taman Desa Business Park, 58100, KL, Malaysia



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Typically responds in less than 4 hours

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