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We were incorporated in Malaysia at 2008. Our factory are located at Cheras, Malaysia. We are involved in designing, manufacturing, installing and after sale services of Magnetic Insect Screen, Sliding Insect Screen, Folding Insect Screen, Opening Hinge Insect Screen and also Premium/Security Screens. Every single of our product is made from the highest quality materials, mainly from Thailand, China And Germany, using advanced technology, while every stage of the manufacturing process is conducted and monitored by highly competent employees. Combined with thorough testing and complete customer support, the company supplies its customers with products of maximum efficiency and minimum long-term costs at a competitive price.

"Bad Service, price is overcharge. Magnet Quality is bad. Does not stick well after a month after install." —Watshi Fodo

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E Chan Screen

No. 20, Jalan BP 1, Kg. Cheras Baru, 56100 Kuala Lumpur



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