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eLED is a Malaysian company established in 2010 on a sole mission to provide the best green product that gives the maximum energy savings, quality that is backed with warranty and practicality in terms of future maintenance. Using 2.5W LED to replace the conventional 18W CFL in a down light vertical housing alongside 3 years warranty and a DIY approach. Its definitely the best choice in going green. Reached over 2,000 homes, offices, retail outlets and factories both using eLED products and lighting design. Proven reliability with projects using eLED products 20-24hrs still running after 4½ years. An achievement that no other LED company can prove. Driven by a passionate team, eLED embarks on a quest to help share their knowledge and experience about LEDs so that we can move away from the "cheap and throw" mentality sooner before its too late to save our landfills and environment. Come and talk to an award winning LED company to find out more.

"Not only save energy on long run but manage to cut down time on change bulbs" —Joo Hock Lim

"The eLED bulbs are high quality, energy and cost – efficient way to light up my home. They re long lasting too. Thumbs up for eLED. !" —Kelly Tanhc

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K-03, Mahkota Point, Persiaran Mahkota Cheras 1, Bandar Mahkota Cheras, 43200, Selangor, Malaysia



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