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    We are a young startup focusing on business solutions from web development & design, online marketing, retail inventory & point of sales solutions, web portal development, and e-commerce.

    We will provide you with a free, no obligation, consultancy for you and analyze your situation and budget before proposing a suitable solution for your business.

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    • Main Services

      We will search for a suitable domain name for your business, or additional domains for your microsites if needed

    • Web hosting

      We provide the most reliable hosting services with 99% uptime rate per year

    • Web design & development

      We provide customized design to suit your corporate image and branding.

    • Search Engine Marketing & Optimization

      We provide SEM and SEO to help drive targeted traffic to your site, and convert traffic into sales inquiries. Its not just web sites we build, but to build up your business as well.

    • Retail Inventory & Point of Sales

      Having experience in the retail and F&B industry, we provide consultancy and solution to assist you in controlling and managing your retail operations, costs & profits, inventory, and personnel.

    • Document Management & Archival Solutions

      We provide solutions to ease your task in managing and controlling documents. We will also assist in digitizing your hard copies into digital format for easy retrieval and viewing, while controlling access to your documents.







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