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      Architecture design and planning services

    • Architecture - Trifle Apartment

      An interior refurbishment for a young lady and her 2 cats in a 1 bedroom SOHO apartment.The interior has been designed minimally to reveal the purity of the space defined by simple lines created by walls, colour, built ins and countertops. The design at the double height volume aims to decompress and expand space through planes of dark floors/ceilings and white walls by providing contrast. As a result, the open bedroom on the first floor feels more cozy.

    • Architecture - Voila House

      The brief was to transform a typical pitched roofed bungalow house into a modern contemporary home. The major redesign focused on the ground floor with the disassembling of walls into open plan spaces.
      From the first site visit, the large umbrella trees in the garden left a deep impression. Inspired by this, the design of the family rooms would naturally face this green serene outward view. The common areas extend into the garden, in a U-shape manner; with the private rooms and kitchen placed on the other side of the house.
      A set of high revolving doors were specifically created, in order to maximise viewing angles. When closed, it provides a secured shaded screen with windows inside for ventilation, making it effectively a cool indoor living room. However, once opened, the room transforms into an unobstructed outdoor space. This circular form allows the flexibility for these swift obscuring of boundaries between the garden and the room.
      The interior spaces were designed intentionally in a white palette to allow natural light to emanate through the space. At the rear end of the house, an extended dining room provides an element of privacy from the neighbouring house. Also, it offers a longitudinal view towards the garden, trees and the defining circular living room.

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    • Art - The Light Show

      16 April 2009 – 3 May 2009
      The Light Show Exhibition
      Annexe Gallery, Central Market
      Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

      I remember myself as a child who would stare into the guli (marble) and was always hypnotized by the swirls of colours floating in the glass.
      The art works represent a fusion of abandoned wooden crates and other junk material, light and guli to create a feeling of nostalgic magic.

      The artwork is a signifier for the creepy evolution of the computer. Since its birth, it has intrigued mankind but observations lately tell us that the computer seems to be assimilating profusely into our lives. Not long ago, I used to laugh at the notion of the Terminator in the movies but now, I am terrified of witnessing its slow birth. Electrolyte represents the computer’s emergence as a living breathing entity. Beware of the computer!

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