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The trend of SPA era is inclining back to nature, basing on the ethnic communal culture and people relationship of countries of the world and contributing to the emergence of different brands of SPA characteristics. To date, amongst the global SPA craze, those from Europe, America, Japan and South East Asia are more outstanding. Of late, GREEN ELEMENT Company brought in Thai and India Ayurvedic style ÒHolistic Healing SpaÓ with ancient herbal cure methodology Oriental Secret. Enabling professionals and patrons not having to travel to the original country_ They are able to enjoy Thai and Indian Ayurvedic Style beauty-treatment. Similarly, the concept of GREEN ELEMENT beauty-treatment does not only promote product sales, but also stresses on the importance of customersÕ complete healing effects on sense of sight, taste, hearing, touch and smell. Rather than not out-reaching and firm on product quality, the brand of Oriental Secret has been patronized by Thai and India royalties and recommended use by universal places like Switzerland, France, America, Italy, Japan and other beauty as well as health conscious people. It also receives strong supports from various big timer media like magazines, Radio and Television Stations of these countries. ÒGREEN ELEMENTÓ Company being the first to bring in ÒOriental SecretÓ, the original Thai and India style ancient beauty-healing concept. Be it the products, the holistic approach, service items or even minute acts like displays, they are taken care of without miss and at the same time providing planning and advisory services to customers who wish to pick up this business and to those to enjoy complete Thai and India style treatment here without having to personally go to Thailand and India for same.
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