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IIKO Concept is an one stop renovation company from Seri Kembangan. We undertake both commercial projects and residential projects. IIKO Concept is a comprehensive entity, who takes a step further in self-improvement and entity development. Simply put, we are a complete all-in-one home solution. As events unfold, we capture the construction work revealing the chronological uptakes from an empty bare space to a complete home. At IIKO Concept, we go the extra mile to listen and understand your needs. We want to get to know our customers’ preferences and not merely securing a business contract. From the moment you engage our services, we are dedicated to learning about your living style and expectations that comes with it. We are interested in what you like over the range of practical modern lifestyle and what your dynamics are. This assists us in getting a sense of the colour and living environment you fancy, so that we can customize a 3D layout plan to fit your character, personality and preferences. Being a construction-project based company; we have the utmost respect towards our customers. We dedicate our work with quality services and superior product mindset within our customers’ budget. We strongly believe, we can produce high quality work in a transparent and engaging manner. We also help in identifying the most cost effective solutions while allowing us to create results in-line with our customers’ expectations.

"Good contractor for renovation. Good quality of workmanship with reasonable price. Renovation completed within timeline given." —cheechong tey

"Reasonable pricing, and service was fast, no delays in the project at all. Quality of work is great which makes it high value for money! Definitely Recom-N-ded!" —Kua Eng Kee

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IIKO Concept

5041, Jalan 18/62, Taman Sri Serdang, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor.



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