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Incube was established in 1994, with a 26,000 sq metre manufacturing plant, is the expertise, reliable and leading brand for customized furniture with an innovative Boutique Furniture concept. We assure you with a personalised one-to-one service experience. Our mission is to build a warm relationship with our clients. We are a manufacturer that handles every aspect of interior designing, from kitchen cabinet and living hall cabinet to wardrobe with built in anti-jump system as well as for the ideas that you have illustrated in your mind, we are here to bring your imagination to reality. At In Cube Customize, every furniture fabricated are uniquely characterised, based on consumers requirements and market's demand. From our predecessor Shuang Yi Manufacturing, to the 2002 borned In Cube Kitchen branding with 20 years of establishment we are driven by our honesty, quality as the root and customer oriented philosophy.

Lot 10478(D7) Jalan Nenas, Jalan Kampung Jawa, Batu 5, 42450 Klang, Selangor



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