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    By RecomN Admin in Wooden Flooring Contractor at KL / Selangor

    Good day!

    What is so good about the day, you might ask?

    A happy family is certainly good. Being surrounded by like-minded friends is excellent.

    So too is a robust mind, a healthy body, having constant cheer and laughter, enjoying a productive day at work and going to bed to restful sleep at night. In other words, all the good things in life.

    But what makes a good life truly remarkable is the ability to sustain the things that give us pleasure. And for that to happen, a healthy environment in your home is essential.

    With IONWOOD flooring, we focus on creating that special spacewithin your home Ð a place that is free of viruses, bacteria and other unhealthy air pollutants, so that you and your family can love, live and play worry-free, in the place where you spend most of your time in Ð your home.

    You deserve to own an IONWOOD flooring. We bring you the air of the forest to your home.

    Now that is a remarkable life.


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    • American Royal Oak

      American Royal Oak symbolizes nobility. Its unique texture is reflective of very extraordinary taste and class thus lending to a regal European and American luxury home atmosphere.

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    • American Walnut Classic

      American Walnut Classic (scientific name Juglans nigra) produced in the United States is among the world's best wood. It easily attracts attention with its corrugated or curved wood. The black walnut brown with its mysterious beauty is an elegant addition to any home.

    • Merbau Classic

      Merbau (the scientific name for the Intsia bijuga) is a natural oil wood, with a number of colors to choose from, from light brown to dark brown. This is a kind of anti-corrosion,exotic hardwood and can be used with any kind of design.







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