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Keng means "lens" in Cantonese. Keng was founded around the year of 1900 by Mr Lee Weng Chuen, and was one of the pioneer photo studios in Malaya. The 1st studio, "Keng U" was located in High Street, now known as Jalan Tun H.S Lee In Kuala Lumpur. The business prospered and expanded to reach all the way to the Sungei Petani, Kedah in the North, to Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan in the South of Malaysia. Each studio was managed by Lee Weng Chuen's children and this has continued over generations. Edmund Lee, the 5th generation of the family, created KengStudio to specialise in motion pictures. He carries on the legacy of the family visual arts business. Today Edmund runs the business together with his wife, and they travel round the globe for weddings and commercial assignment. Get in touch with them today and save your date.
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"We did a pre-wedding/childhood movie with him. The outcome was spectacular. Very patient and also a perfectionist." —Hazwan Najib

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