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Kubiq was incorporated with the objective to offer quality yet affordable modular kitchen systems in response to the growing demand in the low-to-mid market segment, which represents a whopping 80% market share in the kitchen systems industry. Coupled with consumers' increased price sensitivity and emphasis on product value, the Kubiq brand aims to meet the needs of a fast-expanding yet discerning customer base. Kubiq is a wholly owned subsidiary of Signature International Berhad, a public-listed company behind the well-known SignatureKitchen brand founded in 1994. Through its groundbreaking and innovative approach, Kubiq has introduced a new and creative kitchen planning experience through a 'self-involvement' concept which gives maximum flexibility in every step - from hands-on design, planning, coordination of delivery and the final installation. This no-frills approach helps to keep costs low and put control back in the hands of the customer, much in the same way low cost airlines operate.
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