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    LEE & SIA TIMBER SDN. BHD. has been established for more than 6 years but our experts in the timber products have more than 25 years of experiences.
    Our Core Business. We are specialized in unique Table Sets (mainly Burmese Teak, Golden Teak and Rosewood - "Huali") and Solid Timber Flooring (mainly Merbau and Burmese Teak).

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    • Main Services

      1. Table Sets
      All our table sets are from Southeast Asia (Burma, Union of Myanmar).The uniqueness of our table sets is they are all produceds with the whole original tree, which can be more than 100 years of age. The sizes of the table sets vary from 6 metres to 9 metres (length) which were made to suite the different needs of our customers.

      2. Sold Timber Flooring
      As for the solid timber flooring, we are only focusing on 2 types, which are Merbau and Burmese Teak. Our Merbau is from the neighbour country, Indonesia and our Burmese Teak is from Myanmar as well.

    • Table Set - Golden Teak

      Golden Teak is actually made from Acacia decurrents, a tree native of Australasia. Wood from the tree is also sometimes sold as "Brazilian Teak". The wood is often stained to attain a teak-like tone. As the name implies, it often has a gold colour which may be enhanced through staining. Our Golden Teak table sets have rich tones and fine grains which can mesh well with a variety of your home designs.

      Thickness : 4 inches - 8 inches
      Width : 3 feet - 4 feet
      Length : 6 feet - 9 feet

    • Table Set - Rosewood "Huali"

      Rosewood furniture has always been popular since the times of ancient China. The attractions of our Rosewood table sets are their beautiful grains, creating patterns reminiscent of the veins in marble. Because of their fine and close grains, there are very versatile and durable,

      Thickness : 4 inches - 5 inches
      Width : 3 feet - 4 feet
      Length : 6 feet - 9 feet

    • Solid Timber Flooring - Burmese Teak

      Burmese Teak is considered to be the world's most valuable and versatile hardwood.It is one of the hardest, strongest and most durable of all timbers, highly resistant to any rotting and susceptible to termite attack.The high natural oil content and density of Burmese Teak, has very low coefficient of expansion and contraction.The rare beauty of Burmese Teak and with its rich golden brown luster and decorative grain, making it the most demanded wood for interior and exterior usage for building and floors.

      Country of Origin:
      Southeast Asia (Burma, Union of Myanmar)







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