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Min International Hair Studio by Shunji Matsuo brings you the latest Korean & Japanese-influenced hair styling, perming and colouring techniques to deliver beautiful, versatile hairstyles that match your personality, lifestyle needs and preferences. A Korean native, Min Byung Kwon, who is fondly known as Min, started his career at one of the top salons in Seoul; Kim Sun Yung Hair Studio, at an eager age of 18. This top salon with an impressive 60 years of heritage in the styling industry proved to be a great stepping stone for the young Min. Having more than 16 years of international styling experience, Min decided now to explore the industry further by a join venture partnership with Shunji Matsuo to open an international hair salon bringing cutting edge trends from Japan and Korea to Malaysia. Their first salon – aptly named Min & Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio will be making its first cut in Bangsar Telawi 2 in June 2009. With fully imported equipments from Japan, Min & Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio is offering hair styling and hair care technology which are not made available yet in this country. Malaysia being the home base of this up and coming hair studio, it has its goal set to expand regionally and bring Min & Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio to other major cities across Asia. It is the hopes and dreams of Min and Shunji to have their presence felt in the Asian region and to bring cutting edge beauty to the Asian woman.
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"The owner and international stylist (Min) is Korean. He regularly goes to international workshops as a trainer to other stylists. He originated from a top Korean Salon in Seoul and has been stylist to many current Korean movie stars before he partnered with well known stylist Shunji Matsuo to start a salon in Malaysia. Now Min has opened his own Studio in Hartamas. He has been featured a several times in the press. Min has been my stylist for over 10 years and I have always been happy with his results. He and his team always ensure they use the best products for my hair. Good service, consistent results, listens to customers & professional" —Sharon Ko

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Min International Hair Studio

No 4 Jalan 24/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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