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    A passionate lover of capturing candid and treasured wedding moments and any event worth making a memory.

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      Video services for:
      1. Actual Day Wedding - Capturing and preserving candid and natural moments on your special day.

      2. Pre-wedding / Love Story / Save The Dates - Custom handmade films to introduce or re-tell your story for your upcoming wedding day.

      3. Corporate - Webisodes, promos, short films, training videos, event coverage - I plan, develop, coordinate and execute digital video content for various brands and companies in Malaysia.

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    • Portfolio : Derek + Rachel

      Derek and Rachel had their eyes set for each other the minute they met and took their puppy love infatuation and grew it together into a serious and committed relationship with a lot of nurturing, fortitude, understanding and care.

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    • Portfolio : Joe + Racheal

      They say opposites attract. In Joe and Racheal’s case it couldn't be truer. They are certainly each other’s better halves or even one yin and one yang coming together to be one.

      View their Actual Day Highlight:

      View their Love Story film:

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    • Portfolio : Hanie Hidayah + point8cam

      What if your best friend also turned out to be your soul mate?
      Nasri and Hanie are one of those fortunate people. They make each other smile and laugh all the time and most importantly, they remind the world that a simple encounter one day can be exactly what fate had in mind.

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      View their reaction to the Same Day Edit:

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    • Portfolio : FURLA Candy Brissima Tour Malaysia

      A collaboration with design students from Limkokwing University of Creative Technology and personalities Yeo Yann Yann, Zee Avi, Diana Danielle, Anzalna Nasir and Crystal Lee.

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    • Portfolio : Sandy + Jackson // Harrogate, North Yorkshire - England

      Jackson and Sandy’s day was filled with a love that is passionate and all-consuming. You could see it in their eyes, the kind of love that we envy and we seek for. A trusting love that they both will always be there for each other until the day they both grow old together.

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    Jasmine Cheng reviewed on 26 July 2015
    My husband watched countless of Nigel Sia's wedding videos and recommended Nigel for our own wedding video because he was impressed with his work. We were extremely happy with the pre-wedding video and wedding videos that Nigel made for us. It was perfect! Nigel & his team made us feel comfortable although we've never been in front of a camera. Thank you Nigel & the team for the beautiful video.
    Kit Ling Chan reviewed on 18 June 2015
    Nigel and his team have been amazing to work with from the beginning. They are professional, prompt in replying emails and deliver on time. Nigel himself is very talented and has the eyes to capture the best moments in your wedding day. I am truly satisfied with his work and I have no doubt in recommending him to anyone. Thank you Nigel for your hard work! Because of you I get to relive my wedding day over and over again!
    Jl Low reviewed on 23 April 2015
    We were extremely happy with the work & the service provided by Nigel and his team. Everything was carried out professionally and the videos were delivered to us on time. It was lovely having Nigel around with his positive & happy energy , always trying his best to capture the perfect moments into his videos . Thank you Nigel & team for delivering such a beautiful video of our wedding.
    Sue Zen Lim reviewed on 21 April 2015
    Nigel has been extraordinary and a blast to work with from the beginning. He was very thorough and professional during the planning stage and was very prompt with his email replies. He also made sure he got to know us individually and as a couple and understand what we want to capture during the wedding. Being as professional as he is, he took the initiative to attend our rehearsal even though it was held late in the evening, to prepare him and his team on our big day. The end results were amazing, exactly what we were looking for. Our friends and family loved the video! We will definitely recommend him to anyone.
    Trina Toh reviewed on 26 March 2015
    Dear Nigel and team, we are so proud of our video. It captured the essence of our days so well and we love that each frame tells a little story of it’s own and in turn, gives us such a pretty little package of amazing stories we will now get to remember and relive for the rest of our lives. We love that it shows us things we didn’t get a chance to see, caught the best moments of love and joy, and so seamlessly portrays the beauty of the day without losing any depth. More importantly, you guys were wonderful to work with. You were helpful beyond expectations and I (Trina) will always remember how you guys looked at me at 2pm post tea ceremony and noticed that I was slowly fading away after going for 9 hours straight and kindly asked if I had eaten. Thank you for this little treasure that we get to keep forever! All the best.
    Esther Ng reviewed on 05 March 2015
    Since my wedding in 2011, I've watched the clip over and over again and it has never failed to cheer me up during my down times. And I appreciate Nigel's dedication over the littlest details, the moments captured wonderfully and the song choices played in the background felt apt to the mood and the moments of the day. Nigel was easy to deal with - he was professional and warm. Had no issues nor hassle and end result was more than satisfactory. My cousin who couldn't make it for the wedding commented that she felt she was present just by watching the wedding clip. Never regretted having Nigel as my videographer. I love photos and am the kind who will take them out to browse through every once in awhile but with Nigel's video, I think it's even more awesome as I get to replay the day over and over. It is always a beautiful trip down memory lane through Nigel's work and worth every penny spent, that's for sure!
    Nicholas Hee reviewed on 05 January 2015
    Nigel and his team were excellent from start to finish. They were experienced and very professional, and it showed from our very first meeting that they knew exactly what to do to get us what we wanted. He is friendly and approachable, and showed up to every meeting and filming with a smile. He was always on time, and very accommodating to our tight schedule. He was able to take our very simple love story and make it into a video that our friends play over and over again. I highly recommend him.
    Craig Tan reviewed on 14 November 2014
    Nigel is a dedicated man that gives his very best to his clients. You will not be disappointed by his work and he guarantee's you the best quality for his time. Expect to be moved to tears from his work or simply be amazed in what he captures through his lens. Oh and his sense of humour comes with it too. Keep it up Nigel!
    Nikita Sia reviewed on 13 November 2014
    Nigel is a naturally talented and creative person. It is displayed very much in all of his creative pursuits. I am a big fan of all his works, often times touching my heart and reminding me of sweet memories. He is original and apt to capture the right moments of your wedding and able to spun into a happily-ever-after story! You get none of that pretentiousness that are seen far too many times in wedding films these days. :)
    Chang Lih Ren reviewed on 13 November 2014
    Used to work with Nigel before and he's a great mentor and leader. Very passionate about what he's doing and always aim to deliver high quality videos to the clients. I've learn a lot from this great guy :)

      Chang Lih Ren replied over 2 years ago

      It's best to check out his works to learn more about him :) he always able to tell a loving story of a couple without fail through his work. hence Visual Storytelling.

    Isa Ghani reviewed on 16 October 2014
    Nigel has been an awesome partner for videography and production for years. Always reliable and fast - Nigel is always my go-to guy for video filming, production and editing. Quick to respond on questions and always on-time and efficient, Nigel (and Kel Li) are a pleasure to work with - and always accommodating and willing to offer counsel and advise. We've happily collaborated on various corporate and client video projects together. I heartily recommend working with Nigel and his ever-growing team, 2-thumbs up guys!
    Joanna Lau reviewed on 09 October 2014
    I'm not sure where should I begin nor can I even find the right words to express how blessed I am to know this talented young man, Nigel Sia. Having to get to know him and Kel Li personally and professionally through mutual friends over the years is like a God Sent! Nigel has a unique way of capturing all the emotions and chemistry at each event he has worked on. You can just feel the warmth from watching all the weddings videos that he has laid his magic touch on, pairing them with the perfect songs every single time! Not forgetting his talented crew. I am hoping to have another chance to work with Nigel, Kel Li and the team again. I always bring up his name and recommend his services every time when someone I know is about to get married! Because that's how awesome Nigel Sia Visual Storytelling is!
    Candy Goh reviewed on 07 October 2014
    Nigel has the magic hands to weave and connect scenes from a single wedding event that will tug every heart who watches it, even when you are not a guest at the wedding! His videos are a true reflection of his dedication and passion in being the best visual storyteller. Our families love our wedding video so much so that they are still watching the video again and again after 7 months since we got hitched! Nothing beats replaying sweet memorable memories throughout our lives and we are glad Nigel created the best of it :)
    Racheal Kwacz reviewed on 27 September 2014
    I'm slightly embarrassed to admit how many times I've watched our wedding videos over again and again. A year and a half later, I still laugh and cry and fall in love with Nigel's brilliant artistry and the way he captured so perfectly all the highlights and special moments from the day…from the little nuances to the big stuff, he kept a precious memory of it all then weaved it into a beautiful story of love and friendship and happily ever after. Not only was he so easy to work with, but his whole team impressed us so much the first time we met him, we booked him for not only one, or two, but three completely impromptu but so very loved investments. I love that with each wedding, Nigel not only brings a new set of eyes and telling to the day, but he also dedicates his time and craft into a once-in-a-lifetime keepsake. The truth is, he sees lots and lots and lots and lots of weddings a year, but as a bride, what I appreciate the most is that he makes each wedding video not feel like the same old same old. There is warmth and there is soul and each love story feel like the it's the best ever told, each bride and groom feels like their day was truly the most precious, each video full of magic and passion with that special "Nigel touch" with that perfect soundtrack! I'll tell you my other secret, not only do I still enjoy watching and sobbing and gushing at our wedding video from time to time, but when Nigel updates his page with a new wedding video of strangers I've never met, it's my highlight of the day as I celebrate and laugh and cry and ooh and ahh at somebody else's once in a lifetime. His gift isn't just that he tells beautiful love stories through his craft, but that he makes their love shine. At the end of the video, you feel like you've intimately celebrated and really gotten a glimpse into their special day, who they are, and how beautiful this union is going to be. That's a treasure and ultimately, what every Mr and Mrs really wants in the perfect videographer. Someone that will not only honor their day but honor their story. LOVE!! :)

      Recom N Admin replied over 2 years ago

      Thank you Rachael for your honest and heartfelt review of Nigel - it was really touching to us as well as some readers who told me "After I read this review, I feel sure I want to hire Nigel for my wedding next year"! This is really awesome, so thank you!

    Jas Min Lee reviewed on 25 September 2014
    Nigel & his team were accommodating and fun to work with throughout both our pre-wedding and actual day videography. The real magic behind his brand is the excellent editing done for all their vidoes which have the ability to tug on your heartstrings while still being able to convey the essence of the day without being overly melodramatic. He has a knack for picking out the things people say and interweave them with video to convey a strong message. His video left such a deep impression on all our guests that they all walked away with such happy feelings that many still rave about until today. He is able to do what he does so well as he takes the time and effort to get to know his clients and is a very perceptive person. Over time, his work will only continue to improve and it will be interesting to see his craft evolve in the future.
    Victoria Fong reviewed on 20 September 2014
    Was glad to have Nigel as our videographer because he did a great job for our wedding videos. Everything was just so natural and candid. He takes the effort to know us, to know what we want and tries to accommodate our requests. He is really gifted - with his creativity and editing skills evident through his videos by being able to piece different video frames and moments that fall beautifully in place. Price wise, initially, I thought that it was on the high side but it was worth every cent for that once in a lifetime moment to be captured beautifully and to be able to replay it over and over again to remind us of those moments that mean so much so us. Thanks for doing a great job!
    Jason Lioh reviewed on 20 September 2014
    I guess it was a blessing in disguise when Nigel Sia made the switch from graphic design and photography to videography because he created miracles after miracles for ALL of his clients ever since. Nigel's talent shines ever so brightly when he is sitting behind a computer and putting a masterpiece together from all the raw footages he and his team have shot. He just knows how to piece every single thing together; music and song, pace and beat, dialogues and vows, emotion and action, slow and fast, candid and serious, raw and staged footages and etc. He just knows how to string them all together and create a tear jerking wedding highlight video. Don't get fooled by his always smiling face, he is very serious and professional when it comes to work. Always early and on time, knows what exactly he wants and more importantly, always prepared and willing to go the extra mile to do an even better job, for his client and himself. If your budget permits, Nigel Sia is THE ONE AND ONLY wedding videographer you should hire. For the amount you are paying, you are getting 10 times the return. He will even throw in his friendship FOC, because he always make an effort to keep in touch and befriend all his clients. It's not just business to him. Book him as early as you can, 12 to 15 months ahead if you can. In fact, you should book him before you even consider proposing to your partner. Yeah, he's that popular now. All in all, we are just waiting for the right time when Nigel Sia | Visual Storytelling becomes a brand and household name in the wedding videography industry. Until then, book him and you will not regret.
    San Lim reviewed on 19 September 2014
    Nigel only had 3 weeks notice. I told him that he had to film the morning of my wedding, go on a road trip down south to continue filming, plan the creative direction of my second video, and have both videos ready in seven days for my third wedding dinner. He took it all in, smiled and said "SURE!" Everything was rather rush though and Nigel, in the first place, could not film my second video because he had to head back to good old "Mud City" to film his wife's event however his wife, bless her, told Nigel to just go ahead with mine instead. Nigel is a very dedicated, talented and funny guy. He is extremely easy to work with and he is also very passionate about what he does. Nigel did not just accommodate my 3 weeks notice, he also gave me two wonderful recorded memories to take away with me. Nigel, Kelli and his team are simply amazing and I am finding reasons and opportunities to work with them again!
    Hsujen reviewed on 19 September 2014
    Having engaged Nigel for some digital video campaigns for my brand, he has delivered nothing short of excellent work. He takes his time to put a lot of thought and detail in to his pre-production prep (from ideas to storyboards and location recommendations), has a great eye for angles and the end-result delivered is always a great visual story that achieves my objectives and needs. His casual and calm demeanour is an added bonus that makes your job that much easier.
    David Lian reviewed on 18 September 2014
    Have had a great experience working with NIgel on various clients. You can always depend on him to provide prompt response, creative input and do his best at the actual shoot.
    Jolene Lai reviewed on 18 September 2014
    Even though Nigel is a friend, I am writing this based on a very satisfied experience as a client. Nigel shot my prewedding video and covered my actual day with his very professional second shooters. Kel Li helps to maintain the backend, dealing with clients and briefing us on what to expect and she made sure we understood everything. I found the experience very assuring, I was taken care of by professionals! For my pre wedding video, Nigel asked us for our love story and this brought us back to our high school, where filming took place!! Complete with props and school uniform! I was blown away when I saw that he actually sketched out a storyboard for our video. Nigel and his team were on time and even made preparations in advance to ensure that they would not get lost while looking for the venues. The wedding highlight video did not disappoint. The song selection was stellar and I like his use of sweeping/sliding cinematography (i really don't know my terms haha) but it made it feel like a movie. My husband and I watched it countless of times!!! I will recommend Nigel to all the brides I know who are looking. :) No regrets AT ALL!!
    Andrew Chiam reviewed on 17 September 2014
    I could write a blog entry on how awesome it is working with Nigel and his team. I engaged Nigel's services for my wedding proposal(2010) and actual day wedding highlights(2011). Friendly, professional and accommodating. I believe his work speak for themselves.
    Charis Ow reviewed on 08 September 2014
    Professional, good quality, friendly and plain awesome.
    January Jui Jan reviewed on 08 September 2014
    Nigel is one who takes pride and extremely passionate in what he does. He is extremely detailed, produces high quality work and definitely one you wouldn't want to miss in capturing your event/special moments. His videos are of high standards and one who is extremely humble and so pleasant to work and interact with. Nigel takes the effort in getting to know his clients and understanding their wants/needs and delivers as promise. Thank you Nigel!
    Adrian Lim reviewed on 08 September 2014
    Understands the client well enough and does his homework 1st . Always providing his input and usually the final product is fantastic A reliable and responsible person. Good to have a chance to work with him on a few projects.
    Beatrice Wang reviewed on 08 September 2014
    Nigel is a dream to deal with - he pays attention to the small details, and has a great eye for capturing moments. Well worth the investment - love the job he did on our wedding video!

      Adrian Lim replied over 2 years ago

      Before taking any new job , Nigel does his homework 1st and knows what the client wants, he always delivers on time too . A

    Justin Hee reviewed on 08 September 2014
    Very inspiring works he has. Especially on his wedding portfolio. Not to mention, he is a very nice guy.
    Ian Tan Khin Xian reviewed on 30 June 2014
    You can expect great quality all the time