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    The production company was originally established in 1986 with a handful of weaving machines and less than fifty employees. Headed by Schle Wood-Thanan, a graduated Textile Engineer from Philadaphia,USA. After many years as a leading Manufacturer in the International market supplying Editeurs, Converters and Wholesale Brand Owners, "PASAYA" the brand was founded in 2002. The factory is located at Bang Pae District, Ratchaburi Province. With an area of 640,000 Sq.m., PASAYA is a vertically integrated production line consisting of In-house designers, Yarn Processing, Weaving, Dyeing, Finishing and Sewing.


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    • Main Services

      Pasaya produces a wide range of fabrics that can be used in a variety of applications like curtain, upholstery, etc.

    • Midnight Coffee Collection

      Midnight Coffee derives from designs and motifs that spin a mysterious feel that resembles the tranquillity yet mystifying midnight. Created for the urban living and high rise interiors, the dark, elegant urban style of this collection features a wide width of 295cm and a hand-spun cotton-like texture.

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    • Spicy Coffee Collection

      As exotic as its name, Spicy Coffee portrays a collection of captivating tones which reflects names like ‘Witchy Violet’, Lusty Blue’ and ‘Forbidden Red’, bringing up an atmosphere of sensuality and seduction. With a firm structure of double layers and 295cm width, this fabric is suitable for curtains, upholstery, bed spread and wall decoration.

    • Blue Latte Collection

      Blue Latte is a flame-retardant (FR) collection made from FR fiber from Japan. Designed for the urban lifestyle, this collection comes in 5 earthy tones which is suitable for high-rise homes, hotels and hospitals where flame-retardant is compulsory. Majority from this collection comes in 295 width.

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    • Softamante Series; 650 Thread Count- Symphony No.5

      The Softamante Series is made from ‘Sofin’, a kind of micro fibre filament from Japan that is 4 times finer than silk and 8 times lighter than cotton, which makes the fabric intrinsically smooth and soft.







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