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Pocket Square is a boutique design practice that embrace pragmatic but fresh & dynamic design solutions. Based in Singapore & Kuala Lumpur, the works pride itself for being honest to its design senses where the 'architectural & spatial sculpture' is moulded by intensive & rigorous study of material, form & space, - from the 'big picture' to the refined detailing. To find out more, feel free to head to www.psq-design.com

"Nick and team helped to design and supervise the renovation of my restaurant from A to Z. Even though we were rushing for opening, he managed to meet all the deadlines without missing a beat (start in Sept and finish in Nov on time), and was very patient to communicate any changes in plans to me. The most important thing is, Nick never once gave me a reason to feel worried about the project. He was always on top of his game and paid close attention to details. It's worth every ringgit of the budget because of high quality end result, and good service during the process. Thanks Nick, you deserve this good review, and I will recom-N Pocket Square for sure!" —Terrence Tye

"While Nick has his own thoughts and way of going about most things, which is always welcomed as a designer & professional, he is always prepared to listen to our needs and requirement. Pocket Square was professional and personal throughout our engagement, and I would recommend them to anyone who requires a sensible, high-quality & trustworthy designer." —Serene Phan

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Pocket Square

25 Jalan Pentadbir U1/30, Hicom Glenmarie Industrial Park, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor D.E.



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