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    Quality Health Care (QHC) Medical Centre is a private hospital providing professional excellence in health care and remains committed to serving with human touch. QHC Medical Centre has been established since 21st March 1995. It is strategically located within the vicinity of well-developed and self-contained township at UEP Subang Jaya (USJ), Selangor Darul Ehsan.

    Its objective is to provide affordable and easily accessible health care to the neighboring communities. QHC Medical Centre operates a 16-Hour Polyclinic and around the clock Inpatients services. QHC also has specialist services managed by doctors who are well qualified, experienced and competent in rendering their best care.


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    • Main Services

      Office Gynaecology
      Pap Smear
      All major surgery
      Ultrasound Scan (2D,3D & 4D)
      Antenatal check-up
      Neonatal Care
      Delivery including(Caesarean Section)







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    Nie Nie Choong reviewed

    I delivered my baby in QHC (2014) and am a happy happy mom! Compared to the other hospitals in PJ, QHC's package price for delivery is one of the cheapest. Dr Ng and Dr Subra (founder) are both very experienced doctors and have been there for over 20 years. They are pleasant and smiley, does not panic, takes the time to examine and explain to you everything you need to know. Since its a small medical centre, all the nurses there are well trained in obstetrics and gynaecology. There usually aren't many patients giving birth at the same time as well so no worries about babies getting mixed up at birth! The queue can sometimes be long, but there are lots of shops and eateries within walking distance so it's all good. Just get a queue number and come back later.

    reviewed on 2 Oct 2014
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