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Saunas originatee from Finland, Finnish think of saunas not as a luxury, but as a necessity. Before the rise of public health care and nursery facilities, almost all Finnish mothers gave birth in saunas.Building a sauna is more complex than it sounds. Choosing the correct material, understanding the requirement, heaterÕs quality and safety, the sauna climate to achieve, aesthetic custom made design are the crucial elements in sauna construction. Since 2001, we have partnership with the World Top Three Finland Principal, Mr.VM Kallioniemie in order to deliver the best sauna & steam technology to our prestigious customers in South East Asia. Five years later, we have expanded with our Finnish partners to include more wellness brandnames such as: Finland SAWO, Sawotec Electronic AG and Spa Solutions, Sentiotic Wellness, and HolmSpa Wellness that equally to be produced and distributed from Finland, Austria, and Cebu Philippines that particularly to be regard as the biggest FinnishÕs sauna equipment manufacturing plant in Asia. Sauna Holm Sdn Bhd is the pioneer in the sauna industry of South East Asia. Our company was named Saunatec Enterprise and was founded back in 20years ago. Our organization is an entity that combines with strong R&D, overseas product technology, IT knowledge, professional & passionate sales team, and trained technicians that enables the company to establish a long term yet favourable business relationship with our valued-customers. 4. Today, we have moved into turnkey design to assist to upgrade various spa facilities & furniture to the famous hotels, resorts, luxury condos, club houses, spa & fitness in Malaysia & overseas projects. Moreover, Sauna Holm has built a demo-house for customerÕs trial-experience before purchase, just the perfect match that you could ever wish for in a luxury bathroom, both as regards form and function. Hot sauna, aroma steam bath, hydrotherapy whirlpool & rainforest shower can never be missed now unless you donÕt return home to bath. 5. A private spa in the comfort of your own home is no longer just a dream. You are welcomed to visit this treatment House - The Sauna & Spa World to experience warmth & relaxation to both your body and soul throughout latest Dr. Sauna Haruhiko Antioxidant Hot Stone Bed. It its recognized to be the best therapy for those insomnia to sleep well since your body system is exercising, which promotes blood circulation, activates nervous system and stimulates the production of endorphins that increase the sensation of mental & physical well-being.
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