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SONICA was founded in 2003 by SHAWN CHONG, who is a drummer and a young entrepreneur. Shawn Chong is a graduant from School of Audio Engineering (SAE), receiving his diploma in Audio Engineering, majoring in studio recording and sound design, back in 1999. He worked in SCAT PRODUCTIONS as a studio engineer and later joined SAE Malaysia as an audio lecturer. He then spent three years working for local Tascam distributor as the Sales Representative until 2003. At Sonica, every one of us is either a certified sound engineers that has experience in music production, audio post production, live sound reinforcement; or a performer that major in drumming, guitar, keyboard and vocal performing. We are no strangers to technology and everyone is familiar with digital equipment. With the passion of music and love of technology, we do have a strong team of sales & technical staff that able to promote digital musical instrument and music technology.
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"Supply In Audio Software & Hardware, Good Service, Friendly, Reasonable Price" —Nelson Cheok

"Knowledgeable service provider, with timely execution of services & delivery of products. Products and services rendered are fairly priced and complimented with user application" —Taneddie

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