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    SpaceMatrix was formed with the profound knowledge & experience gathered from past projects and assignments in Malaysia & Singapore. Over the years, we have grown to understand the needs of our customers day by day.

    It is with this compiling knowledge & exposure in foreign countries, SpaceMatrix is versatile in handling both residential & commercial projects, and diligent in meeting the unique needs of our diverse range of customers.

    With the increasing standard of living of the population, SpaceMatrix with a pool of professional interior design consultants, provide homeowners with a private space of luxurious living, which they call home.


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    • Main Services

      We offer the following services:
      1. Concept development
      2. Capture the clients vision and transform into an interior design plan
      3. Establish project time frames and budget guidelines
      4. Color and material selection
      5. Options are considered in floor and wall coverings, furniture, accessories, colors, materials, interior lighting, communications and audio-visual design.
      6. Selection of all materials, colors, light fixtures, artwork etc.
      7. Procurement
      8. Installation
      9. Construction, purchasing, supervision and coordination of your entire design project

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