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The Queen's Studio is a premium Korea wedding brand composed of the best professionals with pure passion for photography. By using creative photo service and studying the up and coming new style trends, The Queen's Studio main focus is to prepare the bride and groom for a dream-like drama concept; making you feel like royalty in the spot light. As our clients are treated as the main character, we direct and work with you to capture the best and natural facial expression and poses to pursue high quality beautiful photographs in a comfortable studio. Most of all, our main goal is to feature our clients in the most impressive way possible; to capture the once in a lifetime precious moment of the beginning of love, a lifetime of memories, and to portray couples' lovely moments forever.

"One of the best wedding solutions in the city. A korean company with fair amount of great collection. Highly recommended! " —Ant Koo

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The Queen Korea

No.60, Jalan SS2/46, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.



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