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    we hope to provide a rigorous curriculum to prepare our students well for any stream of primary education, while retaining a strong element of play and offering a trilingual immersion of English, Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia.

    While English is the medium of communication, Chinese and BM are offered as subjects. There is also a weekly Chinese appreciation class and (optional) intensive Chinese preparation classes. Intelligence is measured by the amount of knowledge one possesses.

    We want our student to be academically prepared, while possessing a wealth of general and encyclopedic knowledge.


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      A Holistic Program
      We offer a core international curriculum (of Language & Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Arts & Craft, Music & Movement) and auxillary curriculum (Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia, Encyclopedic Knowledge, Value of Money and Technology class).

      A Wholesome Diet
      Fresh, quality, organic, free range, anti-biotics free or local ingredients are sourced and meals are put together from scratch. Our original and creative recipes have been published in parenting magazines with positive feedback. Our menu, specially designed to optimise your child's mood and general development, varies weekly to keep our little customers excited. The meals are cooked lovingly on site by mothers for your child.

      Whole-hearted Care
      Every child is loved, cared for and given room to grow and blossom. It takes a village to raise a child. We strive to provide ample communication and build a community with our parents.







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    Alan Koay reviewed

    Award winning nursery, playschool and pre-school that emphasis holistic development and serves a wholesome diet to the children. Owners are extremely passionate about the business.

    reviewed on 14 Oct 2014
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