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    Vertex is a global manufacturing and marketing company that services the Asian, North American, South American and Western European markets.

    We manufacture decorative building materials for use in the home and work place. Our primary products are resilient HDF laminate and wood flooring as well as ceramic/porcelain and granite/marble tiles and etc.

    Global Operations
    With headquarters in Norwalk, CT and offices throughout the world, Vertex is continuously developing new and innovative products for the marketplace. We currently operate in nine countries on several continents with key regional offices in Portland, Oregon, Montreal, Canada; Hong Kong, Taipei, Shanghai, China, London, UK, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Seoul, Korea and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    Quality Focus
    Vertex maintains an extensive quality controloperation in all 23 of our sub-contract or wholly owned factories. All production is carefully inspected and quality controlled by company employees prior to shipment. Quality control procedures are codified for each product group, and inspection reports are effected for all shipments.

    Cost Efficient
    Vertex is on the cutting edge of design for interiorbuilding products. We have combined advanced European and American technology with the cost advantages of developing countries to bring the consumers of the world affordable and attractive products.

    Costumer Oriented
    Our extensive experience in the marketplace (over 40 years in the flooring business) gives Vertex a very strong consumer consciousness. All our products carry extensive warranties, detailed installation instructions, and maintenance and/or "How to Use" guides for both the professional and DIY (do it yourself) users. We believe that we should give consumers everything they need to make an educated choice for remodeling their home and work place. Our products are designed with a maximum emphasis on beauty, durability and value.


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    • Main Services

      Our products and services include:
      1. Allure Floating Resilient Flooring
      2. Solid Hardwood Flooring
      3. Solid Engineer Hardwood Flooring
      4. Plywood Engineering Flooring
      5. Laminate Flooring
      6. Skirting

    • Allure Floating Resillent Flooring

      Allure is an innovative new concept in flooring, which includes all the advantages of other hard flooring, but eliminates all the disadvantages. Unlike other resilient flooring, Allure is easy to install and requires little to no sub-floor preparation. Just simply install it straight over most hard surfaces including ceramic tiles, timber, concrete, and your existing resilient flooring.

      Allure's ease of installation is due to the patented GripStripTM system. This high tensile system ensures no gapping, and has allowed Allure to become WORLD's first resilient flooring that is installed as a floating floor. This avoids the need for messy glues, and unlike timber and laminate floors, there is no need for sawing or underlay just simply slice with a knife and install!

      Allure's hard wearing embossed surface, is a lot more scratch resistant than timber flooring yet it is so authentic that your guests will think it's real. When it comes to durability, Allure will out perform timber flooring every time, giving you peace of mind when it comes to the every day rigors of children and pets.

      Another advantage of Allure is its ability to be walked on immediately after installation! Instead of waiting days for glues to set, have your furniture back in place on the day of installation! Allure, allows the minimum level of disruption to your everyday life. In addition, Allure is 100% waterproof! There is no need to avoid wet areas with this revolutionary product, kitchens and laundries are all possible with Allure! When it comes to piece of mind, you can't go wrong with Allure!

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    • Solid Hardwood Flooring

      Solid Hardwood Flooring comes in wide variety of wood species. It is one or two solid piece of wood that have tongue and groove sides for installation. Solid hardwood comes in different thickness, 13 mm, 15mm or 18mm.

      Solid wood floors react to the presence of moisture. Hence, it is important to leave a proper expansion area around the perimeter when installing a solid wood floor. This will avoid the wood planks to cup or buckle.

      To add their appeal and long life, the solid wood can be refinish or recoat several times. There are solid floors that are over 100 years old and are still in good condition.

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    • Skirting







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