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Our Kitchen Designers will help to turn your vision into a reality. With diversified, quality lines of Kitchen Cabinets, customers are assured the satisfaction of knowing they can have the perfect Custom Made Kitchen Cabinets and Wardrobe Design at a price that meets their affordable budget. Discovered all our cabinet products are glazed and sure to inspire you towards your Custom Design Kitchen or our wide range of elegantly Kitchen selection. However little the changed you want to make is, let us helped you to make it transform the look of your kitchen completely of your choice.
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"Overall no,as we asked for after-sales service to fix a few things,like the accessories built wasn't made quite right and some improvisations needed to be made. And as we don't really know how to read their blueprints,when the cabinets were done,we were shocked to see certain areas not made up to our expectations. So we had to call the building team over and talked things thoroughly with them so to make sure this would be the final changes made once and for all.It did feel great when the marketer,Jeff Lee,promptly reply our request and rushed over from klang(we r in ttdi) and told us a rough image of how our kitchen cabinets would turn out. The 3D designs came out after the deposit and details explained over the phone about it wasn't quite clear as we couldn't compare the 3D with the real dimensions on our own. So we were kinda depressed on that part,because due to that,the kitchen cabinet didn't turn out how we hoped for. Though we know what materials we want for our cabinet,but we are total zero on how the cabinets should be designed with a small kitchen. This is the part we need an expert's advice but we didn't manage to get much in the end. So the quality made up more than the service provided. And I felt the building team didn't think enough from a housewife or kitchen person's perspective generally." —Angel Goh

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