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5 benefits of hiring a professional domestic mover instead of asking friends

Moving to a new place can be very tiring, especially when you want to keep everything from the old house. Yes, you can ask for help from your friends and family, but are you sure you want to trouble them?

Here are some good reasons why you should hire a professional domestic mover instead.

1. Reliable - Professional movers take their job seriously. If you have booked them for a specific time, they will be there on time (if not earlier). Also, if your belongings need to be moved to a different state, they will also plan their journey and give you the ETA at the destination.

2. Accountable (insurance) - If you only rent a transport from some random lorry owner to transfer your belongings, you’ll have to bear the risk of dented cabinets, torn sofa cushion or ever worse, your stuff might go missing. But with a professional mover, all your belongings will be insured should there be any unfortunate event along the way.

3. Efficient - Movers will send a team of people to make the job more efficient. From dismantling, packing, lifting and delivery, they have dedicated pros to lead the whole process. So, rest assured all your stuff will be in check.

4. Safe - The guys from the mover company have years of experience on how to handle fragile and nonfragile, big and small, new and antique furniture. Your stuff will be safe in their hands. They will handle it with care and will do proper wrapping with paper, sponge and bubble wraps if necessary.

5. No heavy lifting - This is the best part about hiring a mover. You don’t have to feel obligated to help them with the heavy lifting. If you ask for help from family and friends, you will start to feel guilty halfway through the process. Why stress your relationships?