Recommend sends you customer requests. You decide who you want to contact.

Once you add your business details to, we will send suitable customer job requests to you. If you are interested in a particular job, you can send the customer your cost estimate or find out more details from them.

How does work?

01. Add your business details on

By creating a business profile on, people will be able to see your contact information, portfolio, and links to your website, Facebook page and more. At one glance, customers will know who you are and what you do.

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02. Start getting customer requests

Every day, we have many customers asking for quotations. They range from interior design, renovation, photography, catering, and more. We will email suitable leads to you.

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03. Respond to customer requests

If you are interested in a particular job request, you can send the customer your quotation or cost estimate.

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04. Get booked by the customer!

We normally ask up to 4 suitable service professionals to respond to the customer request. The customer will decide who they want to book.

Once the customer replies, you can contact them directly over phone, email, or using our messaging system, to work out further details.

How to get hired for more jobs

Respond to the customer with a clear and professional message.

Don’t just ask the customer to contact you. Answer the customer’s questions and respond to their specific needs. Address the customer by their name, don’t make any spelling or grammar mistakes, and sign off with your name and business details.

Give them your cost estimate.

Even if you don’t have enough details, it’s better to provide a rough cost estimate, and provide your justifications. Tell customers what the quote includes, and what factors will make the number higher or lower.

Improve your business profile with reviews and photos.

Your business profile is important as it is the first thing a customer will look at before deciding to choose you. The most important thing is to build trust!

Make sure to add lots of photos of your portfolio, and provide details about your experience. You can even add photos of your team! You should also add any certifications or awards to give the customer confidence in your abilities.

Customer testimonials are one of the best ways to win new jobs. Make sure to ask your previous customers to give you a review.

Keep trying!

You may not get every job you respond to. But don’t give up! Try improving your business profile, get more reviews, and improve the message you send to customer requests. After a while, the business will start to come in!

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