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Red Zone Interior is about 12 years in market. The Company Director Star Interior Decoration established in year 1990 as a factory basis with the first single unit industries lot. In year 1993, we start out first showroom selling all types of loose furniture, from there we step into concept design and built. Red Zone Interior is our first one-stop design and built for all sort of interior resources that provides professional consultancy such as space planning and decoration. Red Zone Interior specialized in design and built for home. Office and commercial, thus the touch of landscaping such as water features to enhance further in the particular area. The place that you will finds solution and satisfaction when comes to beautifying your living home and corporate yet elegant in your office furnishes and advance and practicality in any retails commercial renovation. We, Red Zone Interior gallery, you will finds the fittings and electrical appliances that we will provides to suit your living styles. We have our well trained designer will comes to server you and will provides professional consultation in any part of your design requires. We also provides site measurement as well as site visit to have better inspiration in designing. Our designer will input the design or you residential or commercial area into very attractive view by using the latest design software as to enhance better concept view.
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